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Direct Bookings

There are many advantages when booking a stay directly through the owners website, find out more if you would like to start taking direct bookings.

OTA's (Online Travel Agency)

We can't deny the influence large OTA's have on the travel and hospitality industry, and anyone who is not familar with online travel would be under the impression that there are not tens but hundreds of thousands of websites to go to when booking a stay, in actual fact most of them are owned by the same two dominent companies which are Priceline and Expedia. 

76% of online bookings do happen through OTA's but figures do show that 50% of users will visit the official website after discovering them through the various channels. 

However, OTA's are still very important in this industry as they do generate a lot of bookings that may encourage visits to your website - it all comes down to how you manage these bookings going forward. Directing them through to your site after they've made a booking or stayed at your property is a great way to encourage repeat bookings whilst cutting out those additional fees with the OTA.

You can escape the fees by taking control of your bookings via your website. SCRUMPY allows you take bookings directly meaning both you and your customer pay no fees, this could mean you’ll see up to 16% more money from your bookings and with your SCRUMPY subscription you get your property listed on Shortbreaks for free!

Advantages of Booking Directly

Your potential guests may have found the perfect self catering holiday on Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Expedia or OwnersDirect. However when booking their stay, there's no better way than to book directly with the property owner. 

There are many advantages when booking a stay directly through the owners website, the top ones being:

  • Cost - Removes unneccessary additional costs so you get the lowest rate for your stay
  • Trust - Creates a trusted relationship between the guest and the owner 
  • Local Knowledge - In-house knowledge and expertise on both the accommodation and the area
  • Communication - No middle man meaning that all important personal touch 
  • Recommendations - Find out more about local attractions, better recomendations based on the guests arriving
  • Extras - Purchase any extras directly through the owner e.g. a lovely BBQ box hamper

The aim is to increase the number of direct bookings as time goes on so the ability to book a stay through your website is essential.


Shortbreaks.com offers a wealth of information to potential travellers seeking their ideal self-catering holiday property and provides property owners with a range of easy to use tools to promote their self-catering lets effectively.

We are friendly and approachable, and value your ideas and comments, established enough to do the job well, but small enough to listen and respond. We believe passionately in striving for ease of use and clarity in everything Shortbreaks.com offers. 

No Commission or Signup Fee

Here at Shortbreaks.com we don't charge for any commission or signup fee, we simply list and promote properties by pushing bookings and enquiries to your own website. If you would like to be listed on Shortbreaks.com for free then please get in touch. Whether you're an established business or someone that has an interest in the industry, we are happy to provide you with some hints and tips on making your holiday let a success. 

Getting Listed

To get your property listed on Shortbreaks.com you will need to set yourself up with a SCRUMPY website. SCRUMPY sites are free for owners of single properties plus you can easily start taking online bookings and payments from just £50 per month! Find out more about SCRUMPY

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