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10 Indoor Activities For The Kids

We understand staying at home can be tough, especially if you have to keep children entertained. Here are 10 ideas for family activities you can do at home.


1. Build a fort
Whether that’s using sheets blankets and pillows or cardboard boxes it will provide hours of entertainment.

2. Make a home cinema
Create snack bowls, turn the lights out and put on a family friendly movie for a chilled evening in.

3. Garden Olympics
Utilising the space you have you can set up a series of games from an egg and spoon race to a family relay. A great way to get everyone outdoors and moving.

4. Indoor treasure hunt
Hide objects around the house and task your children with finding them - edible treasure is always a winner.

5. Get the board games out
We all know how long a game of Monopoly can last! Start a board games tournament to last a series of days with an overall winner at the end of the week.

6. Make a bird feeder 
There are loads of tutorials online on how to create your own bird feeder and this is something you can continue to enjoy once it has been created.

7. Home camping trip
Weather permitting this can be indoor or outdoor - let the kids spend the night in a tent with marshmallows and hot chocolate.

8. Bake a cake
A perfect way to spend a morning indoors, working together to create a delicious masterpiece.

9. Create an obstacle course
Under the dining table, hopping over hurdles - there are so many great ideas online for creating an indoor circuit for the family to complete.

10. Hide and seek
Who doesn’t love a good old game of hide and seek?

We hope these ideas come in useful especially at this difficult time. Stay home and stay safe.

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