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Terms and Conditions

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Please note that the information available on this web site may be incomplete, out of date or incorrect. It is therefore essential that you verify all such information with us before taking any action in reliance upon it. It is a condition of us allowing you free access to the material on this web site that you accept that we will not be liable for any action you take in reliance on the information on this web site.

The contents of the pages on this web site are copyright Shortbreaks Ltd. The copying or incorporation into any other work or part or all of the material available on this web site in any form is prohibited save that you may: download extracts of the material on the site for your personal use; or: copy the material on the site for the purpose of sending to individual third parties for their personal information provided that you acknowledge us as the source of the material and that you inform the third party that these conditions apply to them and that they must comply with them.


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We've used hundreds of Creative Commons images throughout the site, below you'll find a list of the great photographers:

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